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Through research I found that power planers are used for shaping surfboards; however the users have to physically modify their tool in order to effectively shape their boards. In this project I set out to make a more affordable power planer that is made specifically for the needs of professional surfboard shapers.



Industrial Design & Visualization


main users

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30 years

Straightening Doors
“It works great for what it is suppose to do.” He has owned the same planer for 30 years.

planer users_cab.png

30 years

Making Cabinetry
His favorite feature was the  multi directional dust chute. He bought  the same planer when it broke.

Interviewee 3.png
planer users.png

I0 years

Shaping Surfboards
He makes extensive modifications to existing planers on the market to shape surfboards.


user modifications


I found through interviews that people who shape surfboards often modify an off the shelf power planer to better suit their needs. Seeing that this is a major hassle and pain point for these users I decided to design a planer that would not only fix the need to modify their tool but greatly reduce the cost for them to puchase this planer.


reverse engineered


Disassembling a current planer helped me understand what was necessary and unnecessary for a planer used for shaping surfboards.




Observing the area in which the tool would be used helped the discovery of new solutions.




Unnecessary Parts

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Alternative Power

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User Modifications

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